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Water Management for Domestic Installations

As dam levels continue to fall the NSW State Government will have no option but to introduce more stringent water conservation methods to protect the supply of potable water to the public.

The NSW Government has already flagged the possibility banning the use of mains supply water in the home for anything other than drinking washing and ablutions.

This will mean that water can not be used for gardens, washing cars, filling swimming pools, hosing paving etc.

The NSW Government will need to call upon the whole community to play their part in the conservation of water. Penalty charges for residences that exceed predetermined water usage allowances may also be introduced.

Roseville Plumbing has the skills and experience to design and install water conservation systems for your new residence and can also retrofit most existing residences with water conservation systems.

Roseville Plumbing employs licensed tradesmen to ensure that a water conservation collection and distribution system conforms with the requirements of Sydney Water and Local Council.

Roseville Plumbing can design and install the following water conservation systems:

1. Collection, storage, treatment and distribution of roof water and stormwater for:

§   Toilet Flushing

§   Clothes washing

§   Garden Irrigation

§   Car Washing

§   Topping up pools

§   General external uses

2. Collection, storage, treatment and distribution of grey water ( Bath/Shower and Laundry wastes ) for:

§   Toilet Flushing

§   Clothes washing

§   Garden Irrigation

§   Car Washing

§   General external uses

3. Installation of new generation water conservation fixtures and Faucets including:

§   4.5/3 Litre Flush toilets

§   Four Star rated showers and tap outlets

In summary Roseville Plumbing has the experience and skills to minimise the water consumption requirements of your residence.

Water Management for Commercial Buildings

Roseville Plumbing has the skills and experience to analyse water usage patterns of Commercial Buildings, and to design and install water supply systems that will minimise the water consumption of your building.

This is achieved by systematically identifying and measuring your current water consumption outlets, analysing the water consumption figures obtained from investigations and recommending procedures to reduce the water consumption in the building.

Our experience has shown that not only are considerable savings made in the purchase of water but associated savings are made in pumping costs, water heating costs and Sydney Water charges for discharge of waste water to sewer.

Roseville Plumbing only employs licenced personnel who have the experience and qualifications to ensure that water conservation procedures comply with the requirements of Sydney Water and other regulatory authorities.

The conservation of water by the public is now an essential component of the NSW Government’s strategy to reduce total of water consumption. They have already foreshadowed that they may introduce punitive charges for organisations that exceed predetermined allowances of water consumption.

The implementation of strategies to minimise the use of water will reduce the cost impact on the building owner and also demonstrate a responsibility to the community

Asset Management – Hydraulic Services

The Hydraulic Service installation of a commercial property is an essential service that needs to be kept in full operating condition if the needs of the building occupants are to be satisfied.

If the Hydraulic Installation is allowed to deteriate to the point of failure, then services that depend on water supplies and removal of wastes will also ultimately fail resulting in building shutdown and costly damages.

Roseville Plumbing provides a detailed examination of your Hydraulic installation whereby all component parts are investigated for service capability.

An Asset Management Report is prepared which identifies urgent matters for immediate attention and lists non urgent matters for programmed replacement/repair.

The report will include budget costs for repair/replacement to assist in the programmed maintenance of the building.

Roseville Plumbing have over 25 years experience in the maintenance of Hydraulic Services installations, employs only qualified personnel and is well placed to prepare a Hydraulic Asset Management register for your building.

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