Preventative Maintenance Services Sydney

Why preventative maintenance?

Not only are certain items required to be serviced annually by authorities to meet statutory requirements and property owner’s duty of care responsibilities in some cases there are significant benefits in having items serviced on a regular scheduled basis.

Preventative maintenance services and testing including pit cleans, roof cleans, emergency eye wash units, pumps, thermostatic mixing valves, backflow prevention devices, boilers, hot water units, automatic urinal flushing units, tapware, septic tank, cleaning of water storage tanks, Legionella sampling and testing, oil and grease separators can be provided by Roseville Plumbing.

The benefits may include the following:-

  • Assist facility managers in achieving budget stability.
  • Reduction in breakdown costs by identifying defects
        and planning rectification works.
  • Able to programme works to minimise disruption to
        buildings/assets and user groups.
  • Assists with providing additional familiarity of the site and
        the location of services, isolation valves etc.
  • Prevention of unforeseen problems by items failing i.e.
        blocked pits causing flooding etc.
  • Reducing water consumption by identifying and rectifying
        leaking taps and cisterns.
  • Site Maintenance Manual

    Roseville Plumbing will prepare a “Site Maintenance Manual” including service schedules, valve and pipe locations, sewer connection, emergency procedures, as installed drawings, etc. One copy for retention on site, one copy at the Roseville Plumbing office.

    Service Schedule

    Roseville Plumbing shall prepare and make available a Manual consisting of schedules of planned maintenance and service intervals for all areas covered by this agreement. These service schedules shall be used as the basis for the tradesman’s work and each item shall be marked off after completion. The schedules shall be prepared in triplicate and signed by both the tradesman and the Client’s representative. One copy retained by the Client, one attached to Roseville Plumbing invoices.

    Roseville Plumbing will advise the client prior to the scheduled servicing to ensure that works are undertaken at an appropriate time.

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